January 14, 2018

The Brynnie Blog continues...
  In my mind, there is nothing cuter than a baby in just a onesie.  Brynn is especially goofy when stripped down to her onesie at the end of the day.

Surprise baby selfies on my phone is something I never had with my other kids.

A grumpy baby, tired of waiting for kids to get out of piano lessons.

  For Christmas Sydney got a projector for her phone.  She puts on movie nights in her room.  She's the hostess with the mostest.

  It's a good thing the new baby gate is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.  Especially since when she's tired of climbing, she sits on the step backwards and leans back to get down.  Luckily someone has always been there to catch her.

January 7, 2018

 We've lived here for seven and a half years and I think we've used this fireplace twice.  The first time we had the gas turned up too high so when we lit it a big ball of fire burst out.  Understandably, when I suggested Jeff light a fire tonight the kids were nervous.  Obviously they overcame that.  It's quite cozy.

  After the kids played some strange game with all these plastic cups, I made them wash them.  I'm pretty sure Bailey did all the work.  She discovered she loves washing dishes.

 When I first started this blog is 2012, Bailey was just turning one year old.  I joked that it was my "Bailey Blog" because 75% of the photos were of her.  I'm afraid that I've now turned this into the "Brynnie Blog."
Enjoying her first french fry

My life is so glamorous.

  The only thing worse than going to Walmart while hungry is going to Sam's Club.  More choices, bigger portions.

 This cute girl was dancing to the Tangled soundtrack.  Obviously she's Rapunzel.

December 31, 2017

Yay Christmas!

Glad Jeff was home to put this one together.

  Playing laser tag on a hover board.  The future is here.

  It wouldn't be Christmas without No Redeeming Qualities Jello.

  We got Brynn a babysitter and sneaked away to watch The Greatest Showman.  It was a hit.  The kids have been playing the soundtrack on Alexa non-stop.

   Erik's new slack line.  It's about as close as we'll get to a Ninja Warrior course in our backyard.

  A good way to get a baby to stay in one spot is to put her on the grass.  She won't touch it with her bare hands.

  A few weeks ago Bailey's teacher told her about the big Christmas tree in the town square.  Bailey asked me to take her to see it, but I had no idea where the town square is.  Amarillo's not that quaint.  I drove Sydney to a trampoline park this week and we came upon this big tree.  The trampoline park is in a new retail development called Town Square.  Duh.  Bailey and I spent a frigid night walking around and under this huge Christmas tree.
Happy New Year from this blurry, hairy panda.

December 24, 2017

Her new favorite spot

  Of all the holiday performances I go to in December, this one is a highlight.  This is Sydney's choir concert.  They hold it in a beautiful church, there's ample seating, and pretty Christmas music.  What's not to like?

  Our dishwasher shines this red light on the floor to indicate when it's running (yes, it's that quiet.)  Brynn can't for the life of her figure out how to pick up that red dot.

Happy 11th, Buddy

 Sometimes I'm a nice Mom and get Chipotle for lunch when Shelbi has a half day at school.  It has nothing to do with my own craving for it.

Singing in the school talent show

  At Bailey's 1st grade Christmas party.  She looks upset because there wasn't any ketchup for her nuggets.  The girl loves her ketchup.

  Rare proof that I am actually part of this family.  We're making our traditional gingerbread (graham cracker) houses, complete with our annual cursing of the diminished quality of the graham crackers, Ryan's quick destruction of his "house," Erik's precision decorating, and the rest of us somewhere in between. 

I started taking pictures of this, and then they all jumped in for a picture.  I could have sent this as a Christmas card.

  Christmas pajama awesomeness.  Ryan just figured out this year that my mom makes these pjs for the kids every year.  He asked, "How long does that take?" Considering my mom has 27 grandkids, the answer is, "A long time."  I think he has a new appreciation for them.  Aren't they cute?

December 17, 2017

  This chair is magic.  Years ago Jeff and I set out find a nice chair to put in our room.  We weren't looking for a recliner.  But once I sat in this chair at the store, I knew that nothing else would do.  Little did I know that five or so years later I'd have a baby that doesn't really like to sleep all night.  This chair is a perfect place to snuggle at three in the morning.  And apparently at 5 in the evening.
  I hope you like pictures of my kids on stage, participating in various kinds of performances, because that's basically what you get the rest of this week.
Ryan's 4th grade musical. He was Storm Phillips.  It was actually really cute.

Erik in the middle school spelling bee.  3rd place!

Shelbi playing in the longest piano recital in the history of piano recitals.

  Erik's Christmas orchestra concert.  This was the same night as Shelbi's recital so Jeff was here while I was there.  A common theme this week.

Piano and guitar on Saturday.

  Somewhere under that lit tree is Ryan singing with his school choir.  It was freezing and crowded and I couldn't see or hear anything.

  After the work Christmas party, Jeff pulled out this early Christmas present for me.  He said I earned it this week.  It's speaks the truth.

  I came into the family room his morning and right away Ryan said, "She likes it," before I even knew what he was talking about.  Poor Brynnie.

December 10, 2017

  When I got on Facebook today it reminded me that I posted this picture six years ago:

 These are the pictures I took this morning:

My life has done a 360.

 Usually I really dread spelling bee day.  But Ryan is so confident and laid back, I knew that he'd be fine with whatever happened.  Also, Jeff went to watch while I stayed with Brynn.  I'm much less nervous getting a play-by-play through text than watching it in person.  

 Erik asked me earlier this week if I would teach him how to bake.  We started with brownies.  I think this will actually be good for him.  He's a very cautious boy.  Baking required him to get his hands dirty (cracking eggs) and be aggressive (stirring the batter vigorously).

 My view for the third time this week.  I'm in the drive-up at the pharmacy.  Three kids with strep throat, three different days.

  Sometimes giving Brynn my phone at church is a good way to entertain her.  She'll probably take some random pictures and she might figure out how to start the music and play loud Christmas music in the middle of Sunday school.  It's worth it.