November 19, 2017

My dinner at 9:00 P.M.  It was that kind of day.

 The school Thanksgiving lunches were this week.  Parents are invited to eat with their kids.  My kids had the traditional Thanksgiving food of McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A.  They may as well have served Chick-Fil-A in the middle school cafeteria; that's what 80% of the kids were eating.  I felt kind of bad for the lunch ladies who had spent their morning making turkey and stuffing.

A fly kept landing on his head while he tried to nap.

A new trick?

  We don't have huge trees to drop leaves, but we can still make our boys help with the raking.

  Bailey playing Peppa Pig.  They were taking a school field trip to the Pilgrim Village.  Sometimes I want Bailey's life.

  Let the fun begin!  Many of Jeff's family are coming to Texas for Thanksgiving.  Ellen and Rich were the first to arrive today.  

Sunday night Dance Party got a little weird tonight.

November 12, 2017

 If Texas is going to insist on 80 degree weather in November, I'm going to have to fake Fall.  Apple cider and homemade donuts for dessert tonight.  Not quite as good as the donuts and cider we used to get from the orchard in Michigan, but we've been gone long enough to not really remember what we're missing.

She was so proud that she did her doll's pigtails herself.

  The older girls both played for Young Women in Excellence tonight.  Sydney had a lovely assistant.

  Bailey went from one activity to the next today.  I was the chauffeur.  This is after one of the birthday parties.

  Sunday night shenanigans.  Ryan and Bailey having a stuffed animal war and Brynn in the Dome of Doom, made by Ryan.

November 5, 2017

  We nearly forgot to carve pumpkins this year.  It wasn't easy to find them the day before Halloween.  Jeff had to work tonight, but luckily the kids all did their own pumpkins.  Even Erik, even the guts inside.  That's a first.

  All ready for trick-or-treating.  Erik (a stick figure man) and Sydney (a girl in pajamas?) had already left with friends.  

  My parents were here tonight, passing through on their way back home from Fort Worth.  Grandpa's lap is just what Brynnie needed after a night of trick-or-treating.

Fresh from her morning bath, especially jolly and squishy

  A couple of years ago we took off for Oklahoma City for my birthday for a few days.  It was awesome.  We tried to convince the kids to do it again, but they didn't want to miss school.  Something about some important tests.  Whatever.  I guess if we had been in Oklahoma City, Shelbi couldn't have taken this really good picture of me.  Reminds me of another birthday...

  If I can't be out of town for my birthday, at least I can try to milk it for as many days as possible.  One of my favorite things to do is go out for breakfast, at Cracker Barrel specifically.  I always get the French toast breakfast, with oj and hot chocolate.

  This little girl has been asking me to roast our pumpkin seeds since we carved them on Monday. I finally got to it tonight.  I've never done it before.  None of my kids have ever asked.  They weren't so bad.

  Return of the after dinner dance party, brought to you by Alexa and Newsies.

October 29, 2017

  She did it!  I'm in the picture because this piece of paper represents freedom for me too.  I'm saving about an hour a day by not having to drive her to early-morning seminary and school and back.  Not to mention an extra hour on Thursdays when I had to drive her to piano lessons.  What will I do with all the extra time?

  Tuesdays are ridiculous days of busyness around here.  At the end of this long day, Bailey and I found ourselves in particular grumpy moods.  We decided the best cure for that would be to change into our pajamas right after dinner and read Halloween books on my bed until bedtime.  It worked.

  She is nothing if not tenacious.  She knows where the power cords are and will do anything to get to them.

Seminary cinnamon rolls.  Mmm.

 At the school Halloween party, my Frankenstein posed under to her Crankenstein poster.  Her poster says, "Sometimes I feel like Crankenstein when I go on a long drive or when my brothers make loud noise early in the morning.  I get so CRANKY! But...when my brothers watch over me that Crankenstein goes away.  Until a nuther day."

This granny was very popular at the party.

  Saturdays in October are the busiest of the year.  This morning Bailey had soccer...

I took the boys to cub scout Spook-o-ree...

  And Sydney had a region choir concert.  Not surprisingly, I ended this day in my p.j.s, in my comfy chair, watching a cheesy Hallmark movie.  I'm kind of sorry to admit that.

  On any given Sunday, you'll find Ryan wearing this camouflaged shirt (with camouflage p.j. pants), having a Cherry Coke in his can cozy.  We were joking at dinnertime that of all the stuff he loses throughout the week, every Sunday he knows exactly were his can cozy is.  He says he has a special spot to keep it so it's never lost.  Would it be so hard to do the same thing with his shoes?

October 22, 2017

   Sydney used to easily be the shortest of her friends group. She's catching up.  I had to miss her choir concert tonight to be to a church meeting.  Luckily Jeff was able to go.  Apparently she had a solo part I didn't know about.

 We now get to go to middle school orchestra concerts.  Erik is learning the violin.  Costumes were optional for the concert.  Erik is a stick figure.

  My kids love cooking competition shows.  Right now their favorite is Halloween Baking Championship.  We held our own version tonight.  The kids had to create a Halloween scene and embellish it with decorated sugar cookies.

I think Brynn was the winner of the championship for being just so darn cute.  I don't know what is so funny about a cookie cutter hitting the wood floor.

 A mummified Bailey at a friend's birthday party

  Sixteen and definitely sweet.  She says she's been waiting for this birthday since she was eight years old, because 16 was her favorite number back then.  This is a lovely girl.  She's a great oldest sister, caring for all of her siblings down to Brynn.  She sets high goals for herself and works hard to achieve them.  And she's funny. And smart. And beautiful.

October 15, 2017

 If she's going to drive herself to seminary and school every morning, I guess she'll need something to drive.  When we picked this up, the salesman kept asking if she was super excited.  Actually, she was studying for a couple of tests.  We're hoping this car lasts nine years, long enough for Sydney, Erik, and Ryan to get through high school. How is it possible that that's what will be happening in nine short years??

  The kids are anxious for Brynn to start crawling.  Me, not so much.  Bailey was giving her pointers, like "Buns in the air!"

  Apparently, she'll lick anything.

  I'm really trying not to make this the Brynn Blog.  I'm failing.  But sometimes this is all I get a picture of in a day.  This is how she always ends up in her crib.  Those curtains outside her crib are especially fun to play with when she's awake and waiting for me to come get her.

October 8, 2017

  One of the problems with sharing a bathroom with your two brothers is that they don't care how gross the toothpaste tube and lid get.  Bailey brings it to me every morning, disgusted.  

 The kids had the day off of school.  I guess there's only so much t.v. and video games they can take.  Eventually our day evolved to this.  

  Erik can't handle a noisy baby very well.  Evening is usually Brynn's grumpy time, but not tonight.  She sat quietly on the couch with Erik, holding his hand.

 Family game night.  Sydney won, Shelbi lost.

Brynn also won.